Ambient soundscapes give way to pounding, synth-driven pop tracks with an anti-folk sensibility.

Saturated with uninhibited philosophical questioning, layered vocals, and intimate spoken word, Planes, Trains & UFOs weaves terrestrial textures into an otherworldly experience. Exploring themes of particle physics and astral travel as well as love, distance, space & time.





Taos, NM USA


A collection of sounds and visual art exploring memories and connection during a time of isolation. Every time we remember a moment we make a copy of a copy. The parts we like the best or remember the strongest come into focus, some elements fade over time. After years of edits, they are more of an idea than a clear photograph.

Themes of isolation and loneliness have been experienced globally throughout this pandemic. Many remembered often, maybe they shared past posts on social media. Maybe they talked on the phone more often, maybe they sat with their loneliness. We curated images of ourselves online like never before leaving out details that were too mundane, embarrassing or personal to share.

This work invites participants to view a bit of one of my memory spirals. Soft, sounds play as well as projected images. Displayed on a large easel.

Description: Digital photos edited and printed on transparency film, cut and placed into slide carousels, projected onto the wall, videotaped with a cell phone, edited on the computer, and finally projected through a digital projector as a movie onto a picture frame displayed an easel. -Recorded audio of slide projectors advancing, hums, quiet sounds.



in 2019 Natalina created a fully immersive interactive multimedia installation
at UNM Taos including over 1000 “love letters”

 lyric sheets, larger than life sized, crystalized ceramic sculptures, live music, projection art, painting and more. read about it Here:
*Taos News Press Release Love Letters and Meta Memories

“Someday, all of the trash around us will become crystals, rocks and dirt. This planet, Earth, is amazing that way. We often say humans are destroying the Earth, when what we really mean is that we are creating an Earth that is not hospitable toward humanity.” Natalina

Wearable Art

there is no such thing as trash

Natalina DESIGNs has been creating wearable art from discarded materials and showing them off all over the country for 10+ years.

2021: Why Are There Billionaires?

Taos Glam Trash 1st Place Why Are There Billionaires?

2020 Trash from the 90’s- Collection

2019 Self-Portrait Santa Fe Glam Trash 2nd Place

2019 Dragon’s Ball Gown Taos Glam Trash 1st Place

2019 Interference Violet
Port Townsend Washington
Check out this article in the Taos News:…”entrants take to the runway in their fashions of alchemic upcycling, as last year’s grand prize winner, Natalina, coined the trend. Her winning entry combined inner tubes and a discarded tent, highlighted by wings of kombucha scoby, and it was unquestionably glam

(2017) Interference Violet Collection @ Santa Fe Glam

In Dragon Skin (2018)

Taos Glam Trash 1st Place

(2018)Enter Alice


They Must Be Dragons (2018)
Santa Fe Trash fashion Show 
Best Group

(2018)Interference Violet Runway collection

(my FIRST conventional runway show ^)